Reflective film tag

Reflective film tag
Sun resistant label
Weatherproof label
Car maintenance Double sided printed label
Designed for outdoor use

Sun resistant label

Weatherproof label

Car maintenance Double sided printed label

Designed for outdoor use

Why Choose a Weatherproof Label over Others?

Labels that are weatherproof work well for industrial applications,Equipment label,outdoor machine label,appliances labelwarning 

and hazards,outdoor promotions, refrigerated display cases, exterior door stickers, vehicle decals, etc. 

Anywhere that a sticker would need to be used outdoors or in a situation where it would be exposed to moisture.

Our labels are durable enough for demanding indoor and outdoor weatherproof label applications.

Designed for outdoor use or indoor applications where moisture and sun proof is an issue.

Our custom weatherproof labels are printed onto rugged white vinyl or transparent polyester. 

Both feature special UV inks. Apply them inside or outside depending on the application. 

Great for vehicles, windows, door, signs, and products.

Outdoor rated weatherproof labels printed on durable label materials including polyester and vinyl.

Vinyl label material in a durable white matte finish.

Polyester label material in a transparent, clear finish.

Label material selection is typically based on the color or transparency of the item the weatherproof labels will be applied to. 

Transparent polyester is great for windows and door glass whereas white vinyl might be chosen for machinery and appliances.

Common use:

Industrial equipment label

Hazard & warning label

Outdoor promotional label

Reflective Signage

Placed on inside of glass

Readable from two side

White makes more readable

Car Maintenance label

3M Reflective label

Excavator label


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