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Shenzhen Zhongda label and Sign Co., LTD.     


is a professional printing labels and signs factory, founded in 2011 in Shenzhen, China.

We are a factory specializing in the production of self-adhesive labels.

From the field of "self-adhesive labels",

From the thickest to the thinnest; 

From the most viscous to the weakly viscous, 

tear off without glue,electrostatic stickers

From unbreakable to fragile labels; 

From super transparent to Silver opaque material; 

From high temperature resistant to the most cold resistant; 

From the most common process to the most professional and complex process in the industry. 

As long as in the field of self-adhesive label, no matter what kind of label you need.

we can present it for you.

1 Production advantages:

Our company has 6 color PS version rotary, 6 color letterpress UV printing machine, web screen printing machine, high speed bar code printer, hot stamping machine, quality inspection machine and other equipment! 

Automatic bronzing, high-speed die cutting, automatic quality inspection, BAR code print, scraping silver, silk screen printing raised light oil, relief, embossing and other post-processing technology complete!

2 Price advantage:

Large-scale production, daily output of 2 million PCS, reduce the cost of raw materials, help customers save money!

Printing small batch orders, HP indigo digital printing, low price and fast delivery!

3 Speed advantage:

High speed automatic printing production, adequate stock of raw materials, perfect post-processing supporting technology, stable quality, fast delivery!

As long as DHL,UPS,FedEx,TNT can reach, you can place an order.

We are expert factories perspective on every kind of product labeling, even across highly specialized categories.

We help plan your project, quote a reasonable price and deliver an excellent finished product.

We offer over 40 different types of custom-printed labels.

If you need self-adhesive labels with special requirements, 

please leave your email or other contact information.

We'll get back to you Email in 24 hours.

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Contact: Anson

Phone: +86-18927479158

E-mail: zdsticker@outlook.com

Add: 2F,Building 3, 108 Industrial area,Buji Street,Longgang, Shenzhen, China.

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