Double-side printed sticker

Double-side printed sticker

Common self-adhesive labels include two types:

The first is the paper self-adhesive label, coated paper self-adhesive, writing paper self-adhesive, fluorescent paper self-adhesive.

The second is plastic waterproof self-adhesive label, synthetic paper self-adhesive, PVC self-adhesive, PET, transparent self-adhesive.

Bottle labeling can be made into a roll form, suitable for automatic labeling machine on the production line automatic labeling.

Ordinary stickers are used in logistics stickers, advertising stickers, car stickers, car maintenance stickers.

Commodity label is used in food label, beverage label, medicine label, daily necessities label, cosmetics label.

Electrical self-adhesive labels are used in PCB labels, high temperature resistant 300 degree labels, fast self-adhesive labels, cold drug labels, frozen food labels.

Special sticker labels include UL V-0 fire retardant label, 3M reflective label, 3M aging resistant sticker, luminous sticker, nylon cloth label, etc.

Common food and beverage labeling applications include:

Mineral water label,

Wine label,

Food labels,

Drink labels,

Drug labels,

Soy sauce label, 

vinegar bottle label,

Olive oil label, sesame oil label,

Frozen food label, low temperature resistant - 25 ℃

Roll bottle label,

Transparent labels, transparent gilded labels,

Foil and embossed labels,

Mirror silver label,

Bar code labels, each bar code content is different

Industrial equipment label

Hazard & warning label

Outdoor promotional label

Reflective Signage

Placed on inside of glass

Readable from two side

White makes more readable

Car Maintenance label

3M Reflective label

Excavator label


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